Bahria Town Islamabad is the first planned gated community development in Pakistan. This project was initiated in the 1990s and turned out to be a very high return investment. It is therefore becoming people’s most desired area to invest in the real estate sector.  Bahria Town is considered as the most popular society in the twin cities, offering top-class facilities to its residents. Moreover, it is one of the most sought after areas in the city according to investing and buying trends.

DHA Islamabad is a housing project that was launched in 2008. The society has been facilitating its residents by providing luxurious living style, which includes all basic necessities i.e. provision of water, electricity and gas, and facilities like schools, mosques, and hospitals. It is one of the most expensive areas for living in the twin cities.


Bahria Town is situated in the prime location of Rawalpindi district, near GT Road. It’s easily accessible from Faisal Avenue, GT Road, and Islamabad Expressway. Phase 7 & 8 are located off the GT Road, next to DHA-1 Islamabad, and phase 9 is linked to GT Road via Expressway with 10 minutes’ drive. The location of DHA Islamabad is also somewhat the same as it links to GT Road. The two main reasons why Bahria Town attracts a significant number of investors is its location and consistent development work. Some of the attractive amenities provided by Bahria Town Islamabad include full-proof security, standby generators, underground cables, impressive shopping centres, cinemas, schools, and medical facilities.

DHA phase 1 has been planned and designed following the best living standards of people. The society features exceptional facilities combined with spectacular views in the semi-mountainous area. DHA-2 occupies an amazing location between GT-Road and Islamabad Highway. All the phase 2 zones are completely developed and are home to many families. The extension of DHA-2 connects with Rawalpindi. This phase covers a fee overseas sectors, DHA Valley, and DHA expressway, and its development work is advancing at a good pace.


Bahria Town Islamabad is developing into Asia’s largest private housing scheme. This one of its kind gated community has introduced an ultra-modern lifestyle to the people of Pakistan and has benefited them through various economic as well as employment opportunities. Bahria Town phase 1-7 are completely developed. Many families and individuals are already residing there. The society also has many developed commercial areas.

Almost 90 percent of the houses and residential plots are sold in Bahria Town phase 1-6. 75 percent of houses in phase 7 are also sold out. Phase 8, however, is still under development. Therefore, only 40-50% of this has been populated.

Properties in DHA Islamabad are always in high demand by the investors and buyers. Over the years, it has attracted a large number of investors by offering an amazing living atmosphere and state-of-the-art facilities.


The houses of sale in Bahria Town feature ideal location, artistic infrastructure, and contemporary interior. Many houses in the Bahria town are newly constructed and up for sale. You can buy a beautifully constructed 5 Marla house in Bahria Town for Rs.28 lacs to Rs.4 crores. Furthermore, investors who are interested in purchasing 10 Marla houses in Bahria town can get one in a range of Rs.90 lacs to Rs.4.5 crores. If you’re someone who’s looking for luxurious living, you can purchase a 1 kanal house in this modern gated community. The starting price of 1 kanal house in Bahria town is Rs.1.3 crores and goes as high as Rs.7.7 crores. For a more significant investment, buyers can get 2 kanal houses within a price range of Rs.3.5 crores to Rs.13 crores.


Purchasing plots is one of the best ways to invest for a long term. However, the prices of plots in Bahria Town vary depending on its type, location, and nearby facilities. The starting price of 5 Marla plots in Bahria Town is Rs.9 lacs and it goes as high as Rs.9.9 crores. You can also buy 10 Marla plots, which cost between Rs.11 lacs to Rs.8 crores.

Similarly, price of 1 kanal plots in the society range from Rs.55 lacs to Rs.14 crores, whereas price of 2 kanal plots in the area start from Rs.70 lacs, increasing up to Rs.4.75 crores. The price range of 2 kanal plots is lower than that of 1 kanal plots as they can only be used for residential purposes, whereas 1 kanal plots can be bought for both commercial and residential use.


The 5 Marla houses in DHA are available at a starting price of Rs.22 lacs and up to Rs.2.15 crore. However, there are some 5 Marla residential units in DHA phase 2 that are priced at over 2 crores. Similarly, 10 Marla houses in DHA are available within a price range of Rs.1.25 crores to 3.8 crores. Moreover, 1 kanal houses in the society cost anywhere from Rs.1.75 crores to Rs.7.5 crores.


The properties in DHA Islamabad are among the most demanded properties of the twin cities. You can get a 5 Marla plot in DHA within a price range of Rs.6 lacs to Rs.95 lacs. However, there are some plots in phase 1-2 that cost over a crore. 10 Marla plots are available between Rs.30 lacs to Rs.3 crores.

1 kanal plots in DHA are the most expensive ones amongst all, having a price range of Rs.20 lacs to Rs.5 crores. Moreover, a few plot files are available for sale as well in DHA Islamabad. 5 Marla plot file prices range from Rs.6.76 lacs to Rs.28 lacs, whereas 10 Marla plot file costs between Rs.12 lacs to Rs.75 lacs.

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