ISLAMABAD: DC Hamza Shafqaat has directed Capital Development Authority (CDA) to consult with Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) to clear up the misconceptions regarding the boundary of sector I-17 as the sector borders with RDA’s area.

Housing Directorate of CDA should consult the relevant wing of RDA to properly define the exact boundary between CDA and RDA [in 1-17] to clear the existing on ground misconceptions,” the Deputy Commissioner stated in his inquiry report dated Dec 9th.

Mr Shafqaat, who led the inquiry regarding CDA’s anti-encroachment operation against a marquee in B-17, said that as per the inspection almost 30-40pc of the marquee’s structure was lying on the area that falls within the Islamabad jurisdiction as clarified by deputy director planning and inspector building control. According to the report, the marquee’s portion which was demolished by CDA falls in Islamabad’s jurisdiction.

The aggrieved party strongly resisted the demolition operation because of which CDA had to face a lot of embarrassment. They stopped the CDA staff and machinery and didn’t let them leave the area until an assistant commissioner interfered to handle the situation.

Chairman CDA took notice of the operation and ordered the Deputy Commissioner to conduct an inquiry to confirm whether the CDA’S staff’s conduct during the anti-encroachment was legal. The inquiry report suggested that the marquee’s structure was within the CDA’s jurisdiction as per the layout plan of the authority on-site inspection of burjis (markers).

The report, however, stated that the due process was not followed by the CDA’s concerned directorates. In addition to recommending disciplinary action against a few officials of CDA and criminal proceedings against associates of the owners of the marquee who took law into their hands, the report advised taking up the issue of I-17 boundary with RDA in order to clear the misconception.

Sources in CDA have revealed that the right of way of 17th Avenue of Capital Development Authority which is worth billions of rupees was encroached upon and it was the responsibility of the authority to remove encroachment from there.

 “The 17th Avenue is part of Islamabad’s master plan and it is the duty of CDA to protect its right of way,” the sources added.

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