ISLAMABAD: Three underpasses are being planned to be constructed by city managers of the capital to make busiest Srinagar Highway signal free. The information was given by Special Assistant to Prime Minister (SAPM) on Capital Development Authority (CDA) Ali Nawaz Awan.
The meeting will soon be conducted under the chairmanship of Planning minister Asad Umar for acquiring briefing from CDA on the project.
The initiative is being taken for the easy flow of traffic, especially for the motorists who face traffic jams on various locations at G-10 and G-11 signals.
As per CDA Chairman Amer Ali Ahmed: “It is final, we are going to make Srinagar Highway signal free. My team is already working on design and PC-I.” He also added that, “We are exploring both options of interchanges and underpasses. We will see if underpass can serve the purpose, we will opt for it and if interchange is imperative, then we will go for it,”.
CDA’s officials of Engineering Wing said that three interchanges/underpasses are required for ensuring smooth traffic flow.
According to the information derived from the officials, one such facility is to be constructed at the junction of 10th Avenue and Srinagar Highway, and one each at junctions of 11th and 12th avenues.
They also said that due to highway’s connection with Motorway, Grand Trunk Road and Islamabad International Airport, it has been going through heavy traffic density.
The officials, however, are hopeful that the road will go through less traffic, after the construction of Margalla Road Project is completed, as the road can be taken by the motorists who come from G.T Road.
The Srinagar Highway starts from Murree Road (Kashmir Chowk) and ends near Tarnol.
The highway is considered as one of the busiest roads of the city because there’s massive development at its length and its adjoining area near Tarnol due to growth of housing societies, educational institutions and health facilities.

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