The Capital Development Authority’s badge “Blue Area, New Vision ” reflects its foresight regarding the auction of Blue Area plots that has provided a unique opportunity for the investors and businessmen to promote their brands and businesses in the new business hub of the capital. The CDA has generated a revenue of Rs.54 billion through this project, which has been allotted for addressing public complaints and restoration of ‘Islamabad the Beautiful’.

The CDA has appointed two Director Generals to get the job done. Both officials are answerable to the authority’s member engineering and finance to confirm that their decisions are being promptly implemented.

The people of Islamabad have watched the blame game by politicians of different parties for many years. They have seen their chosen representatives addressing all regional as well as global issues but those of their own constituency. Fortunately, both Islamabad and Rawalpindi now have the best administrative teams that are tirelessly working to solve the prevalent issues in the area.

Mr. Amer Ali Ahmed, CDA Chairman said that the PM Imran Khan has directed for the capital to be restored and the revenue generated by the CDA to be spent on the city. He also added that the SUVs that are currently being used by the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad management will be turned into operational vehicles.

Execution Plan

The CDA has taken over four MCI directorates, which include its environment wings – regional, urban & parks, the Directorate of Engineering – Machinery Pool Organisation, market roads and maintenance & streetlights, he Directorate of Water bulk water supply and water and sewerage development, and the Directorate of Sanitation and City Sewerage.  Mr. Mazhar Hussain, the spokesperson for CDA said that the decision to take over these four MCI directorates was made to address the complaints of the residents of Islamabad.

The execution of the project has begun. The chairman and other officers visited the field last Saturday to monitor the progress of market, road and street maintenance, sanitation, park upkeep, horticulture, and streetlights. Sanitation staff began its special cleanliness operation on Sunday and special teams have been built for this purpose. They will be cleaning the sectors, markets & open spaces.

The Maintenance of Public Order (MPO) began carpeting the Islamabad Expressway on Saturday. The eastern side of the expressway in the first phase of repair, after which the renovation of the western side will be carried out. The road maintenance directorate has done repair and maintenance on Jinnah Avenue, Rehman Plaza and Abbas Centre in Blue Area, and in F-10 Markaz. The installation & painting of curb stones on Daman-e-Koh Pir Sohawa Road, Super Market F-6, and Agha Khan Road were also carried out.

The environmental wing has also been working actively. With assistance from the Islamabad Capital Territory, they have removed wild growth in the F-9 Park. The work on the lighting of the park has also been taken up.

Impact on the Residents of Islamabad

The residents of Islamabad will benefit in various ways once the CDA restoration project is completed:

  • The residents of Islamabad will get easy access to clean water and sanitation services in the city. Water shortage and sewerage issues are prevalent problems in the city which are expected to get sorted once the project is completed.
  • The renovation of roads, especially Islamabad Expressway will make it easier for the residents to commute. It will not only solve the issue of traffic congestion but also cut down the travel time.
  • The maintenance of parks means easy access to recreational activities, be it physical activities like sports, social activities like carnivals and picnics, or outdoor activities like camping. This will be a great benefit for the residents of the city who are on a lookout for fun and entertainment.

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