The Avenue is a grand hotel offering the people of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, along with tourists, a glorious experience in absolute grandeur and comfort. With any new establishment that aims to cater to peoples’ hospitality needs, there are a number of things it needs to possess to be up to the mark. The Avenue holds all that – and more. It’s the perfect choice for anyone looking to invest in real estate and build equity for their future.

With 30 hotel suites in a 5-story building, there’s plenty of rooms for accommodation with expanded views that will make your stay all the more memorable. The Avenue is built from the ground up to provide ample space and a comfortable luxurious environment for you to relax during your stay, with every possible amenity at your expense. There are just so many great things about The Avenue, which make it the right choice for you, whether that is for property investment purposes or for comfort, and we’ve listed all of them down.

In a Prime Location

Situated in Bahria Oriental Gardens, Garden City, the strategic location of The Avenue brings forth many advantages. The hotel conveniently links to the 3 most important locations of Islamabad-Rawalpindi; DHA Phase 3, GT Road, and Bahria Town Phase 7. This makes it accessible from most areas, bringing the bustling city life closer while also maintaining the sanctity of the hotel’s peaceful surrounding environment. Whether you’re traveling for business or you’re on holiday, The Avenue is the place where you can spend your stay splendidly.

Additionally, it is a great option for property investment because of its location and the immediate vicinity of multiple facilities all in one place. The roads in the area are quite spacious so you won’t have to face any rush or blocked roads. You can easily go from one point to another without thinking about how to avoid rush hour or what other routes to take.

Magnificent Views for Days

Among the many wonderful things The Avenue has to offer, it also includes serene views to gaze upon during your stay. The hotel is surrounded by 360 degrees of lush green nature and also has a spectacular open-air rooftop pool, giving you the perfect views that exude extravagance and peace. And if that’s not enough, the view from the rooms of The Avenue also stretches out to the horizon so you’ll never miss the perfect warmth of the sun rising and then setting, with your loved ones. Not only will you be getting a fully furnished and lavish suite but the hotel scenery will most definitely make you feel right at the home you never knew you needed.

The Right Choice for Brands

Generally, people and brands wanting to invest in real estate always want to ensure they maximize their returns. Not only does The Avenue provide the most comfortable stay with an abundance of amenities but it’s also a major opportunity for brands to invest in, and here’s why. Being in the heart of Bahria Town, it is the first of its kind and only luxury hotel in the entire area which gives brands a competitive edge in the market, making this a top-tier property investment opportunity. And with more people having the option and accessibility to book their stays in the hotel, having brands nearby would give them the best experience throughout their time spent there.

With countless investment possibilities, The Avenue makes it so much better for brands because of its elevated infrastructure, so you can see the hotel from afar and know that this is the place to be. This gives brands the extra benefit of being able to attract more people along with providing them the best experience with the convenience of everything being nearby.

Safe & Secure

When you invest in real estate, you’re also investing in a safe place which gives you the security you need to ensure you’re getting back on your investment. Hence, The Avenue’s location in Bahria Town makes it a very secure and safe place for investors to benefit from and also for people who want to book their stays in the exquisite hotel. The Avenue has access to that same level of elite security that is provided all over the Garden City area as well as extending areas and phases in Bahria Town. People coming to stay or invest can rest easy knowing the hotel is in a location that has the best possible security and peace of mind that one needs to enjoy their stay.

Vast Food Court; Dine-in & more!

One of the things that makes a classy hotel experience complete is making sure that the guests have everything they could want in one place without having to go elsewhere. That means presenting them with the best quality of food they can get. What makes The Avenue so great for its guests is that it has a vast variety of several dining restaurants as well as cafes, to fulfill every craving and give people an incredible culinary experience. There is an abundance of traditional and international cuisines ranging from Chinese, Thai, Italian, Japanese, Mexican, and many more. Therefore, you can rest assured you will be able to dine in at some of the best eateries in Pakistan, right at The Avenue. So, it’s the finest opportunity for people wanting to invest in real estate or just looking to enjoy a weekend in absolute bliss – whether it’s an appetite for something enriching or something sweet and delicious, you’ll have the best plate of choices at your disposal.

A State-of-the-Art Gymnasium & Fitness Centre 

A gym isn’t just for training and exercise but also for unwinding and recharging your energies. If fitness is a part of your lifestyle, then it truly doesn’t get any better than this. The hotel promotes physical activity while providing all fitness-minded travelers a state-of-the-art, modern, and safe gymnasium and fitness center, fully equipped with the latest machinery for people to stay in shape, even while traveling. The gymnasium offers comfortable workout facilities, which makes for a pleasant and productive atmosphere for you during your stay. From cardio to weight training among many other things, your stay at The Avenue will help you keep up with your ever-growing healthy lifestyle.

The Avenue, with all its delightful amenities and services, provides a great opportunity for people looking to invest in real estate as well as people looking for that ideal getaway to cool off and have a good time with some of the best views you can get in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Not only will you get to avail of every great service the hotel has to offer, but you’ll leave knowing that your time spent was nothing short of a paradise.

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