PESHAWAR: Square Nine International and Sky Nine Developers successfully held a meeting with high level Pakistani authorities in Peshawar to highlight the dynamism of relations between the Government and Private Sector in real estate development.During their stay in Peshawar, CEO Square Nine International, Mr. Waleed Malik along with CEO Sky Nine Developers, Syed Mustafa Hussain, Chairman Sky Nine Developers, Syed Musheer Hussain and team Square Nine and met Advisor TO CM KPK on Science Technology & Information Technology, Mr. Zia Ullah Khan Bangash, Advisor to Youth Minister Mr. Malik Ali Hussain, Member National Assembly, Mr. Gul Zafar Khan and Provincial Minister of Finance of KP, Mr. Taimur Khan Jhagra to discuss the challenges and prospects of developing new hotel chains in KP, particularly in popular tourist destinations like Swat, Peshawar and Naran to bolster the hospitality and tourism sector of Pakistan.

These talks were an opportunity for both the government personnel and Square Nine International’s team to share their concerns and viewpoints on the significance of real estate development in the Province for economic and infrastructural gains.

The delegation also visited the Special Assistant to CM KP for Higher Education Department, Archives, Libraries and Information/Public Relations, Mr. Kamran Khan Bangash to discuss the challenges and prospects of real estate development in KP. The plan for introducing a mixed-use building in the city by merging a new software house project with an international hotel chain was also presented in the meeting with a purpose to redefine the use of multi-purpose structures in the country.

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