Islamabad, Pakistan, August 14, 2021 – Square Nine International ecstatically celebrated the 75th Independence Day of Pakistan in the heart of the capital and followed it by a Tree Plantation Drive in the city. This step was taken by them to promote their greener Pakistan initiative and spread the important message of afforestation to the public.

The Independence Day Ceremony was held at the Square Nine International Head Office in Blue Area in which the entire management and employees of all active branches participated with great enthusiasm. With the female staff decked in white and green and the male staff in black and white, the office space mimicked a true pictorial description of patriotism along with the decorative setting of the entire office in flag banners and balloons.

What followed was a wonderful cake-cutting ceremony in the spirit of Independence Day initiated by the CEO Mr. Waleed Malik along with Brig. Zafar Iqbal (Admin Director), Nadeem Ghani (Director-Operations), and Sohail Chauhan (Head of Sales). The CEO, Waleed Malik had only the most positively affirming things to say about Pakistan and its future while wishing and promising the growth and prosperity of the country. Amidst chants of ‘Pakistan Zindabad, the atmosphere of peace and harmony, and the utmost love for the country were unmistakable.

All these festivities took place with one goal in mind – to reflect the love and respect everyone held in their hearts for Pakistan through their actions. For that reason and with regards to the environment that has sustained all of us through thick and thin, Square Nine International concluded their evening with a much-awaited Tree Plantation Drive to give back to the country. Everyone from the esteemed company gathered at Parveen Shakir Road in Islamabad to effectively plant trees in the area and reiterate the idea of a Green Pakistan as the right future for a better Pakistan.

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