For investors, Rawalpindi has an edge of being next to the capital city of Pakistan. Capitals throughout the world attract more investors due to certain benefits and advantages attached with the capitals. The twin cities are therefore more attractive and preferred for real estate investment as compared to other parts of the country.

Rawalpindi is increasingly becoming an increasingly popular metropolis among investors. There are countless reasons why you must consider Rawalpindi as your next investment destination. 

  • More Industrialised 

The twin cities are more developed and therefore more attractive for Pakistanis for real estate investment purposes as compared to other regions. The reports from the previous years have also an upward trend in investment opportunities in the area and it is expected that the influx of real estate investment will attract more investors from all across the globe and further drive the properties values up in Rawalpindi in the long-run.

When it comes to safety, health care, quality education and environment, Rawalpindi is definitely on the top of the chart. Be it the city’s stunning infrastructure or the greenery surrounding it, the city has always been a preferred option for both immigrants returning to the country and expats moving here.

  • New Ring Road Route 

Rawalpindi’s mega development project Ring Road is approaching its inauguration. Knowing this, many big investors have entered into the market looking for the best real estate investment deals along the Ring Road route.

Many residential projects have claimed to have future access through this road, hence it is the best time to invest in projects that are going to take all-out advantage of this new route.

If you look closely at the area surrounding the Ring Road, you can easily map out the housing schemes that are likely to gain maximum advantage from this new development. Its starting point that links to Rawat will be advantageous for the residents of DHA phase 3, and also DHA phase 2, and Bahria Town. People will be able to reach near Rawat directly from motorway within a few minutes through this new access route without having to experience the traffic congestion in downtown Rawalpindi.

  • CPEC Development Projects 

After the development of CPEC related projects in development, transportation, and infrastructure the twin cities have secured a strategic vantage point as they will soon be the logistical hub of trade, particularly with China and East. This will result in large-scale investments in development, manufacturing, and the real estate sector.

  • Security 

Rawalpindi has gained strategic importance in terms of investment as it offers better security as compared to other large cities of the country, especially Karachi. The financial as well as the real estate industry is gradually shifting to the northern side of the country, making grounds for Rawalpindi to be the future investment hub of Pakistan.

  • Cleaner & Greener 

Rawalpindi is less polluted, greener, and a better place to live in so many ways than other metropolitan cities like Karachi and Lahore.  In fact, in the recent years, many residents from other large cities have moved to the twin cities due to their peaceful and serene environment.

Rawalpindi is now a home to the most inventive and state-of-the-art projects attracting local as well as international investors. There are many investment prospects and ongoing construction projects in Rawalpindi. These factors are appreciating the property prices of the prospects in the city. In the long term, the Real Estate in Rawalpindi is expected to top the investment charts of the country.

The fact that the population of Rawalpindi grew from 1,477,000 in 2000 to 2,196,000 in 2019 is a huge indicator of why the city has developed to accommodate the people from all across Pakistan who moved here for better job opportunities and quality of life.

With a notable increase in population, the number of housing societies in Rawalpindi has also seen a rapid uptick. As renting apartments and houses in Rawalpindi seems to be a popular choice, investing in this area seems to be a great option. 

However, if you’re planning to invest in real estate in Rawalpindi, you can’t make that decision impulsively. Before you choose an area to invest, you need to figure out the types of plots, houses and flats available in that locality along with their buying prices.

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